LP Calculator

LP Calculator 1.0

Create and customize various land patterns

Work with land pattern data to generate custom models. Import the information directly from a datasheet and calculate the dimensions of the land patch. Manage CAD library access and construction rules, adjust the standards to automatically process content.

The LP Calculator is used to auto-generate accurate land pattern data directly from component dimensions provided on the manufacturer’s datasheet. The LP Calculator default CAD library construction rules are set to IPC-7351 standards, but the user has access to change any of the hundreds of rule settings.

The LP Calculator is provided free of charge with the purchase of the IPC-7351B, Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard. The IPC-7351B is the industry standard providing:
- Printed board designers with an intelligent land pattern naming convention
- A padstack naming convention for printed board layers, a zero component rotation scheme for CAD systems
- Surface mount design recommendations for achieving the best possible solder joints to the devices assembled.

Main Features :
- IPC 3-Tier Land Pattern Environments – Least, Nominal or Most land size + User Settings
- Change working units to Inches, Mils, Millimeters or Microns
- Alternate input format for Min/Max dimensions or Nom +/- dimensions
- Relocate Pin 1 and change pin order clockwise or counter clockwise
- Delete or Hide any pins
- Customize line widths for silkscreen, assembly, courtyard and 3D model
- Adjust Ref Des height & line width
- Full solder mask and paste mask controls
- Multiple pad shape options including “rounded rectangle”
- Provides Toe, Heel and Side solder joint goal statistical data
- Local Fiducials for fine pitch components
- Auto-generate IPC Land Pattern and Padstack names

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